Justifiable Homicide

It is 1000 times worse to stand guard for violence than it is to kill such a guard. The guard is one’s own proxy perpetrator (see Jesus & the Unabomber).
NB Note that Jesus did not kill in his lifetime because he had not built a power base needed to accomplish the amount of killing that would have satisfied him, as he had come “to bring fire” (his words). Of course, when his followers did accumulate sufficient power, plenty of killing ensued.
In the case of an unprovoked attack (not physically provoked), societies come together in defense. They kill when fighting fire with fire so to speak. But latent killing—killing proxy perpetrators who are latent to the adult killer to defend newborn children with whom the killer strongly empathizes (or he is still operating within the internal processes of PTSD that cuase the original attack to be ever present)—is absolutely honorable (this is where Ted Kaczynski—the inner infant is the actor in both cases—surpasses Jesus Christ). This is especially true in the context where the State stands guard for the perpetrators out of political considerations in a state of dereliction to already legislated statutes regarding Aggravated Child Abuse. Do not “forgive them Father for they [know] what they do.”
As a further exercise in cognition and as the average American reader is dense and dedicated to it, imagine if one captures them and instead of killing them only ties them down and commences slicing them upon their genitalia. The instant after they deny the argument above, when the situation lands on them, they will scream and beg God for any and all help to come to their aid. Hopefully then, an observer of that attack will catch themself and note of those who stand guard for violence against children, “funny, but I don’t feel a thing.”

Final Account

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