“Wow, you really fucked him hard.”
(Luke 2:35)

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Infant circumcision is the violent misadventure of wayward children. It is criminal to perform elective surgery without the consent of the elected. It is macabre to suspend fiduciary duty to our fellow man—to negate extant protections under the law—to satisfy either the mesmerization of one who sacrifices other sentient beings to their God, or in a reductionist mesmerization of prophylactic fear mongering/nueroticism—of battery and irrecoverable theft—where one adds zeros and gets for their answer the number of zeros added (i.e. ‘recite a fear, torture a child’). Truth does not lend itself to reduction.

Cutting a healthy child is always battery. It is a serious confusion of agency. This error of prejudice—for its trespass, its violence, and the contumacy of its stalwarts—is finally categorized as a hate crime; the overweening attempt at a coup upon nature and its God, an error in judgment, a mistake, for which everyone pays.

Mesmerization (and not our own, either) is no defense in the law.

Elective surgery without election
Crucifixion Redux
“They know not what they do.”