On the Holocaust of Monotheism:

If these men are considered together depth-perception is effected, the newborn child comes into focus, and its message is conveyed. To say that Ted is schizophrenic is dismissive of that message, just as it is dismissive of that message to call Jesus messiah. When I read the gospels as an adult, I saw a naturalist. I limited my repeated readings of scripture to the Gospels alone, and had a natural inclination to filter-out overt fantasy. When Ted Kaczynski was arrested and Mad Genius was published, I read it and saw the same person as Jesus, underneath their seemingly disparate manifestations (further explained in the text). Even if schizophrenic/messiah are serviceable labels, they fix attention on the messenger, thus burying the newborn’s report. These terms may comfort us by allowing us to believe that the matter is resolved, but it is only repeatedly temporarily silenced. That error is easily resolved.

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