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Why doesn’t the Golden Rule apply to juvenile boys?
 “That which is hateful unto you, do not do to your neighbor. This is the whole of the Torah; the rest is commentary.”

Luke 2:35 answers the question “What happened to him?”… so that the thoughts of many tortured babies will be revealed.

First the US had its Revolution, then wrote a Constitution, then added the Bill of Rights, then fought its Civil War, then added the Thirteenth & Fourteenth Amendments, and later the Civil Rights Act, yet it leaves newborn boys to be put in four-point restraints, to have their genitalia mutilated by zone-of-interest Careerists.


‘Wow, you hurt him bad.’
(Luke 2:35)
This was Simeon’s observation at the circumcision of Jesus. This memory would have been reported by the mother, much later.

‘He is manic.
1st Person observation of Jesus
(Mark 3:21)

“A man old in days will ask a small child seven days old the place of life and he will live.”
(Gospel of Thomas 4)

“If it were beneficial their father would beget him from their mothers already circumcised.”
(Gospel of Thomas 53)

With both ‘Jesus & the Unabomber’ the message issues forth from the infant child. In both cases their mother’s reported their early injury after their child was arrested.

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