Divinity, for a Real Reason (aka Jesus & the Unabomber)

I, of course, loathe mythology literalism. It makes people sure, while heading in the wrong direction. Since Jesus was a man, and a bipolar man at that — they show up daily, in crisis, at emergency rooms perhaps telling the staff there, “you must eat me”; and today, if one beats their fellow man with a knotted cord, they go immediately to jail or to the psyche ward — one must step back and look at the whole arc of his life to accept his humane divinity (not the faith divinity that lso lacks in understanding & caring). Then one can see the common hero’s journey. Jesus was traumatized on his eighth day, showed signs of a brewing storm at puberty when he was off debating blockheads at the local synagogue, and a little later is thrown around like a rag doll by the latent bipolar disorder that came into full fruition when John baptizes him. It is the bipolar disorder that we now know is linked to the early trauma. He grinds out the remaining years of his life in search of the knowledge that fits with his ‘pressured’ verbalizations. Be sure that he discovers the bug when he observes “you circumcise a man on the Sabbath,” and when he observes “a man old in days will ask a small child seven days old the meaning of life,” and when he observes “if circumcision were beneficial their father would beget them already circumcisied from their mother.”
So there you have the divinity, and in Ted the same or better. He got three who in their goodness stood guard for violence against children (were they demented or were they deranged? I always get those two confused).
That the current zeitgeist calls him the only begotten son of God and carries on with the Aggravated Child Abuse (FS827.03), that the current zeitgeist is sure of itself while heading in the wrong direction, is embarrassing.


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