The Breaking Wheel

There is something universal about it all, none-the-less.
The good elements of Club Membership are good in any club, as they are elemental. The bad elements enter via groupthink when we too easily misassociate feeling good with knowing better. And as we can see, that is the same in and out of Monotheism, and in and out of Academia.
Muhammad spoke to this when he observed of people who struggled in life, “such are those who barter guidance for error.” But in our case (intactivism), it is the Cutters (unbeknownst to them because of the goodness-trance) who are the one’s who are in a bad deal; the newborn child can do no such bartering.
We must recognize that we all make goodness-trance errors for lack of mature guidance, quite often. There is plenty of failure to go around, but the nexus of failure is in law enforcement (also due to the goodness-trance). Round and round we go.
Let us break the circumcision meme on the wheel.

The trance has nothing to do with religion. It is a pscho-social phenomenon.

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