Soul Sickness

Infant circumcision is a soul-sickness, and so must be all of Monotheism. The habit while reading scripture is to put up a cognitive privacy glass so one only sees sparkles and not the real person behind the glass. This is a soul-sickness (Ted calls is over-socialization, Jesus says to look at the birds of the air and the lilies of the field, and not to take as doctrine the commandments of men). I have never met a monotheist that did not dissociate in this way when reading scripture.

It is a soul-sickness to bury intuition (to ignore the anxiety associated with hurting one’s own child) in the face of social conformity.
Without this cognitive failure, all men would be philosophical naturalists.

They would see the traumatized child’s attempt to convey this very message (e.g. Jesus & the Unabomber), and expel the traumatizers (‘technologists’ & ‘takers-of-thought’) from the tribe.

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