Monotheism is a Period Piece, and FGM

Intactivists do not care about the period-piece that is Monotheism in some sort of near equivalency to the rights of the child, in my experience. The USA separated church and state to avoid such primeval violence between groups, and to protect children from said violence. The combination of childishness & viciousness that sustains the error that is infant circumcision is the same psycho-social phenomenon that sustained the Inquisition, slavery, and Nazism, etc. The bulk of this ignorance exists in the caucasian-christian community in my region (followers of the most famous of disaffected Jews, who altogether miss the genesis of his disaffection), who fall so easily for the ‘recite a fear, sell a procedure’ schema of the equally mesmerized medical community. If grown people cannot act their age, then they must at least act their shoe size, for they are too big to be conducting themselves in this soul-sick manner.

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