Man up. Make them pay.

The body keeps the score/never lies (Bessel van der Kolk/Alice Miller), and that is for life. At the Twin Towers (on 9/11) mantras were no good for those who finally, by trauma, came to believe that they might fly. The trespass was happening to their body and wishful thinking could not relieve it; this is the power of the free-will in nature. At least, the trespassers were decimated, though their reduction was probably much more.
This is what we have in store for Circumcisers. They don’t quite understand that we do not care to carry trauma in our bodies the whole of our life, notwithstanding their macabre wishful thinking. The baby is in four-point restraints so its effort to leap from the top of the building are thwarted.
It is the same, the lesson brought to bare on his trespassers serves to discourage the next foray.
Man up. Make them pay.

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