Discriminatory Practices

It is youthful hubris when they say (in the Podcast linked below) ‘the first’ this and ‘the first’ that, as though there have not always been people who saw it for what it is—especially Jewish people, as Jews are the ones who’ve longest (since Moses) experienced it; I did not experience it until 1958. It is partial child sacrifice, Aggravated Child Abuse, a crime against humanity, and a hate crime.
For example, Simeon (ostensibly Jewish) seems to say “Wow… super-stupid… you really fucked him hard,” upon witnessing the circumcision of Jesus (Christian interpolation is that Simeon said to the mother “he shall put a sword through thine own soul” and then the whole [missed] take-away… “so that the thoughts of many [infant] hearts will be revealed”).
It is the same in Christianity, ‘we are going to keep all the fantasy but ask you not to make fantastic error.’ Granted, Jesus’ bipolar disorder made it a bit difficult for the message to come through (from the infant within, still fighting for his life), but one must stand back from it, and connect the dots between the first and the second crucifixions. The internet is new, but touchy-feely talking is as ineffectual as ever. In discourse, it would be better to make balloon animals out of all Circumcisers (without discriminating on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or national origin). And in real-life, to shut the perpetrators down in civil & criminal court. Redemption comes afterward.
In response to Podcat: https://www.judaismunbound.com/podcast/episode-303-bruchim?fbclid=IwAR1K07GMDWYlhECuhumaCYlSTN2rSi2Eaj3fCB6QraudXls9wgOdyBpynsA

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