Circumcision is a Hate Crime

RE: Daytona Beach Police Dept. Agency Report #210020337

Dear Chief Jakari Young,
If one reads the book Ordinary Men* (I recommend reading the Preface and then the chapter entitled Ordinary Men) in an effort to understand routine infant circumcision they might come away wondering if other species behave thus toward “the Other,” and they will find that they do.
Many say that we are made in the image of God and so do better than other species. But I say not at all. Nature (“red in tooth and claw”) is absolute sovereign. The more thought that is ‘taken’ the more potential for error (i.e. the more data there is in storage, the higher the chance for missociations). This seems to put our species in the lead in that regard.
Though it may seem cruel to speak in such a way of one’s own peers I explain that Circumcision is a Hate Crime so that the matter is seen clearly—extracted from the mire of missociated data—that one is no longer defrauded, and will reject the cruel error out of hand.
It remains, circumcision is aggravated child abuse, a violation of human rights, and a hate crime. We are allowed to snap out of the trance without the need for war (“in three days” from the fulfillment of your own duty, Chief, they will no longer be able to remember their former reasoning, or how it could have been so), but it is a race.
Simple administrative application of current law (i.e. rote duty) will save the day, and the potential victim. This is not so hard as it may first appear. “The real ‘sleeper’ is the rare individual who has the capacity to resist authority and assert moral autonomy but who is seldom aware of this hidden strength until put to the test.”**
Eric Anderson

* “A number of explanations have been invoked in the past to explain such behavior: wartime brutalization, racism, segmentation and routinization of the task, special selection of the perpetrators, careerism, obedience to orders, deference to authority, ideological indoctrination, and conformity.” Christopher R. Browning
** also from Ordinary Men

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