Brit Shalom is Tikkun Olam

Let every Mohel who declares that Brit Shalom is Tikkun Olam be kept by his community without interruption in officiating at Brit Shalom ceremonies.

When I mention in casual conversation that I am an intactivist (one of untold thousands) there are two general responses. One is ‘what about Jewish people?’ and the other is a general denial of harm (normal psychological protection mechanism).

Intactivism has nothing to do with Judaism, nor any other identifiable ethnicity (there are thousands) or religion (there are quite a few). Intactivism views the matter through the eyes of the child and through the normal protections of secular law. Furthermore, intactivists come from any and all religions and ethnicities. It simply has no bearing on our efforts. Just the same, we do not want modern evidence based medicine to be hurt, but only to cease & desist tresspass upon & battery of children.

As to denial of harm we always not that the if the speaker is 10 years of age, then there is no rerstriction upon their pursuit of circumcision; none what-so-ever. NB one of the many erroneous notions concerning circumcision is that it is a worse procedure for an adult, but nothing could be further from the truth.

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