I speak for myself & my fellow man…

…but sometimes people don’t like it when you say that you speak for them. WARNING: When one slaughters the psyche of a child but does not kill them, that child will be heard from again. Infant Circumcision Video Link: The World without Due Process

Brit Shalom is Tikkun Olam

Let every Mohel who declares that Brit Shalom is Tikkun Olam be kept by his community without interruption in officiating at Brit Shalom ceremonies. When I mention in casual conversation that I am an intactivist (one of untold thousands) there are two general responses. One is ‘what about Jewish people?’ and the other is a… Continue reading Brit Shalom is Tikkun Olam

Case Papers: Motion to Dismiss (informing Plaintiff)

There have been intactivists since the first routine/ritual infant circumcision (it’s not rocket science), but most credit may be due George Boole, or Alan Turing, or Vinton Cerf and Bob Kahn, if you know what I mean (Jesus had no luck at all, nor did those before him).