Aggravated Child Abuse #12

Of course, Aggravated Child Abuse has been legislated. As for the mentioned matter of abortion my pat position is always ‘better killed than born and cut.’ One ends suffering the other begins it. This will be mentioned in my statement for what will be my 3rd filing for an Order for Injunction of the child… Continue reading Aggravated Child Abuse #12

Injunction Filed

They had five different Injunction Packets. I filed the one titled Sexual Violence. It is added to this documents folder:…

Justifiable Homicide

It is 1000 times worse to stand guard for violence than it is to kill such a guard. The guard is one’s own proxy perpetrator (see Jesus & the Unabomber). NB Note that Jesus did not kill in his lifetime because he had not built a power base needed to accomplish the amount of killing… Continue reading Justifiable Homicide