Advent Health, for example

Trying to reach you, Ed Noseworthy (CEO, Daytona Campus).
RE: Human Rights/Christianity (NB Advent Health is evangelical).
Left my number with Lea in your office.
Eric Anderson. Author, Jesus & the Unabomber
(NB Risk Management Dept. plugged their ears as deaf & blind guides)
Circumcision is neither medicine, nor Christian.
It is between witchcraft & body modification as tattooing and piercing; not a hospital function.
Advent is violating its fiduciary duty to the child.
This is Constructive Fraud.
Young parents need guidance, not someone lurking for advantage. Leadership is MIA.
It is incumbent upon you to advise them that circumcision is too painful to elect without worse extant pain to be relieved (i.e. healthcare). It is axiomatic that a fully informed parent yields an intact child.
Do not be afraid to speak, Ed. This matter is entering the courts at this time ( Your job is not only loss mitigation for the business, but advocacy (not trickery) for the people who go through there. Babies are people.
It is to be as Bill Cosby to think that the inability to verbalize ‘no’ is de facto consent. It is not.

Here is Jesus, trying to get you to follow nature instead of madness:
-before Abraham
-birds of the air & lilies of the field
-do not take for doctrine the commandments of men

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